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If you have ever experienced disaster damage or mold damage in your home or business, you know just how frustrating and stressful it can be. Serving the Utah area, All Dry understands the challenges home and business owners face when it comes to protecting their property from damage. With nearly a decade of experience, our team can be there for you so you don’t have to face the stress of restoring your residential or commercial property alone.

Our team of certified specialists is knowledgeable and committed to providing the highest quality services and customer support you can find. We know just how important it is to address disaster damage immediately to prevent further danger, so we offer our emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It is our goal to restore your home or business as quickly as possible and to leave it in even better condition than before the damage affected it. Stop disaster damage in its tracks and don’t let it affect your health, home, and everyday life. If you are located in Utah area and in need of disaster cleanup and restoration, contact All Dry today.

What Our Customers Say

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Mallory Chapman
Mallory Chapman
We had quite the flood happen in our basement and All Dry was the quickest to respond (by days) after calling all of the restoration companies in the area. They were very quick, professional, and knowledgeable. Jason and Rachel kept in touch throughout the whole process and were very easy to get ahold of if we had any questions.
Marjorie Coles
Marjorie Coles
Jason & Trent were very pleasant to work with. We appreciated the help they gave us. They were good at taken out the mold and drying things out. Thanks.
Brannen Leslie
Brannen Leslie
Jason has been very helpful, friendly, and informative during the entire repair process and has advised us on what he is doing and why the whole time. Definitely recommend!
Nicole Leslie
Nicole Leslie
Jason and his team were amazing to work with. They helped us in a timely manner to repair our drywall and floor after a leak. Will definitely use their services again if need be.
Bobi Morrow
Bobi Morrow
We found that Jason was very easy to work with and communicated with us on a regular basis. He did a great job keeping things going and we appreciate all that he did for us.
Jayson Plummer
Jayson Plummer
I needed mold remediation in the crawl space of my new residential build. Aubrey from State Farm insurance in Idaho Falls recommended I call Jason at All Dry. After getting a couple of quotes, I met Jason on the site and he did a thorough walk through of the crawl space. He was very professional and able to get the mold remediation done within a couple days. He was willing to make my needs a priority and drove an hour and a half each way from IF to Victor to service my property. It's hard to find this level of professionalism today. I recommend Jason and his team all the way.
Cat Schooley
Cat Schooley
Nick was fantastic to work with. He was upfront and honest about the amount of work that needed done. He talked straight to me and explained what was going to happen every step of the way. There was a lot of work to be done to remove water damaged areas and deal with the mold. Cody, the technician, was knowledgeable, thorough, and honest. Everyone showed up on time and was very considerate of my schedule. I would absolutely use this team again.
Talia Kellogg
Talia Kellogg
Jason was awesome working through are flood issues in Idaho falls . They did great
Bonnie Burling
Bonnie Burling
Jason was very responsive to our calls and texts, he was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all our questions, was super friendly, and showed up when he said he would be there. Was never late! I would use this company again in a heartbeat, I highly recommend them!
BELINDA Hernandez
BELINDA Hernandez
We got flooded really bad at our store and honestly Jason and Cody came to the rescue really quick and was super efficient. Was very pleasant to work with . Highly recommend them ! I am one happy Customer !

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Mold is all around us. Mold levels encountered in everyday life are typically enough to make us sick. However, prolonged exposure to mold can negatively affect your health. Symptoms of mold-related illness vary from person to person, in terms of severity. Nevertheless, symptoms displayed from mold-related illness should always be taken seriously, not only to treat the affected person, but also in terms of removing the source of the mold itself.

10 common symptoms of mold-related illness

1. Cognitive Impairment, such as brain fog 

2. Breathing Related Issues

3. Joint discomfort and pain

4. Skin rashes/irritation

5. Digestive Issues

6. Fatigue

7. Eye irritation

8. Unexplained anxiety and depression

9. Sinus related issues, including ear infections

10. Regular headaches and migraines

What to do?

Refer to a local physician that specializes in treating mold exposure. Treatments may vary depending on the period and severity of mold exposure, as well as any underlying preexisting conditions that exacerbated symptoms. Symptoms, no matter how small, should always be treated very seriously.

In addition, finding a professional mold remediation specialist to come to your home to test, treat, and remove the source of the mold will help in preventing future issues. Attempting to remediate the source of the mold without professional help may increase the risk of contracting mold related illness, as well as potentially increasing the likelihood of the mold spreading to other parts of the home. Professionals are trained and equipped to remove mold properly and safely.

To schedule a mold inspection, please call All Dry Services of Bear River at 801-529-4650!

Utah, known for its breathtaking landscapes and iconic sites like Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon, also grapples with a dark side. Unfortunately, the Beehive state’s scorching hot summers lead to rampant and devastating wildfires.

As of early September 2023, Utah had already faced 687 wildfires, burning over 14,000 acres of land. This alarming number highlights the persistent danger of wildfires, with no signs of it abating. Additionally, 60% of wildfires in Utah are sparked by lightning strikes, making them unpredictable. 

To protect your family and home effectively, you must thoroughly prepare. Knowing your risk, taking preventive measures, and understanding the importance of an extensive evacuation plan can make all the difference. 

This article will guide you to 13 essential wildfire protection tips, helping you fortify your home and enhancing your readiness for potential evacuations. 

13 Utah Wildfire Safety Tips You Need to Know

Your family’s safety and the protection of your home should always be your top priorities. Here are some fundamental wildfire safety tips to get you started.

How to Prevent Wildfires from Damaging Your Home

Prevent Wildfires from Damaging Your Home

Protecting your home from peril demands a combination of wildfire preparedness, vigilance, and adherence to local regulations. Below are proactive measures to prevent wildfires from damaging your home in Utah:

1. Clear flammable items around your home

Wildfires can travel at speeds of up to 14.27 miles per hour, and when combined with Utah’s arid environment, it’s a recipe for disaster. To avoid adding fuel to the fire—literally—clear your home’s exterior of flammable items, such as firewood, tall grass, and furniture. Bring these items inside or place them in a pool to avoid flames from reaching and igniting them near your home.

2. Turn off propane tanks and relocate propane appliances 

Prevent potential explosions by turning off and moving propane appliances away from approaching fires. If you can’t move them entirely, consider bringing these items indoors or in a pool to keep them safe. Always follow manufacturer guidelines when turning off propane tanks and relocating appliances.

3. Connect garden hoses for firefighters

Arm yourself with water resources. Connect garden hoses to outside water valves or spigots, ensuring they are readily available for yourself, firefighters, and other volunteers aiding in firefighting efforts. 

4. Place water buckets strategically

With the rapid speed of wildfires, it’s best to prepare by filling several water buckets and strategically placing them around your home. Waiting for buckets to fill during a crisis can consume valuable seconds that you could better use for moving important items or evacuating.

5. Leave exterior lights on for visibility

Ensure your exterior lights remain on, especially during smoky or dark hours at night. This simple act enhances the visibility of your home to firefighters, aiding their firefighting efforts.

6. Create a defensible space

Parched grass and fallen leaves often fuel wildfires. To reduce the risk of wildfire damage, rake out landscaping mulch and trim shrubs and tree branches, creating a fire-resistant zone five feet from your property. Doing so lets you establish a dry moat around your house, minimizing the potential for fire damage. A fire will struggle to reach your home if it lacks additional kindling to help its progress.

7. Adhere to Utah state regulations 

Prioritize adherence to safety precautions and regulations as defined by the state of Utah. Ensure you follow local rules and seek wildfire risk assessment opportunities. Complying with these risk management guidelines contributes to the safety of your home and community in the face of potential wildfires.

Prevent Wildfires

How to Prepare Your Family and Home for a Wildfire Evacuation

In wildfire-prone regions like Utah, preparing for an immediate evacuation is essential. Here are some tips on ensuring your family’s safety and safeguarding your property during an emergency.

8. Prepare a Go Bag or Emergency Supply Kit 

The essence of a safe and quick evacuation lies in the “grab and go” concept. This saves precious minutes and eliminates the risk of leaving behind essential items. You can swiftly grab a pre-prepared emergency supplies kit, ensuring you have everything. For a list of things to include in your emergency supply bag, you can refer to this website.

9. Develop a Wildfire Action Plan 

Plot out your exits. Wildfires move fast, so identify the quickest route out of harm’s way. Familiarize yourself with evacuation destinations, routes, and emergency contacts. Share this plan with your family to ensure everyone is well-informed.

Community emergency response plan

10. Know the community’s emergency response plan

You won’t be the only one evacuating during a wildfire in your area. Hence, acquaint yourself with your community’s emergency response plan and follow the instructions provided by local authorities. These steps are tailored to the specific risks and conditions in your area.

While waiting for an official announcement regarding evacuation plans, it’s important to move at the first sign of danger to ensure your family’s safety and protect your home.

11. Drive carefully with headlights on

During evacuation, exercise caution while driving with your headlights on. Be vigilant for other vehicles on the road, and be prepared to share the road with fleeing wildlife or livestock.

12. Secure windows and doors before leaving 

Before evacuating, ensure all windows and doors are securely closed to prevent fires and limit potential smoke damage. Leave them unlocked and with lights on to allow access for emergency personnel and improve visibility.

Account for your pets

13. Account for your pets

Amid the fast-paced evacuation, remember to account for your pets. Keep them nearby and, if possible, move them to a safe place in advance.

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

As with any natural adversity, preparation is key! Protect what matters most and equip yourself for the unexpected. These proactive steps can protect your family, shield your property, and add to your peace of mind.

Count on All Dry as your reliable partner in managing various adversities, including fire, mold, and water damage caused by wildfires, storms, and floods in Utah.

Our Utah disaster restoration expertise ensures that you have a dedicated team ready to support you during times of crisis. For all your fire damage restoration needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, let’s prioritize preparedness and safety!

A home inspection is pivotal when buying or selling a home in Utah. This comprehensive examination goes beyond safety and significantly determines the property’s value. It benefits both buyers and sellers, offering insights, identifying issues, and facilitating informed decisions for successful transactions.

Explore this Utah home inspection checklist for the main items a home inspector will examine and essential home inspection tips.

Preparing for a Home Inspection in Utah

Buyers and sellers can benefit from proactive preparation as it ensures a smooth inspection process. Here are essential tips tailored to Utah’s unique real estate landscape.

For sellers:

Preparing for a Home Inspection - Sellers

  • Ensure access to all areas 

Utah’s climate can lead to water damage in homes. Granting access to areas like the attic, basement, garage, and crawl space is vital. The inspector must check every corner for hints of wear and provide recommendations.

  • Address plumbing issues

Given Utah’s changing weather, you must take care of plumbing problems. Clear slow drains and repair any leaky faucets or pipes. A well-maintained plumbing system enhances the property’s appeal.

  • Replace faulty alarms and detectors

You must have functional smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Test them before the inspection to demonstrate compliance with local regulations.

  • Maintain clean air 

You should clean or replace dirty or clogged air filters for heating and cooling systems. This promotes healthy indoor air quality, reducing the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. 

  • Fix window and door issues

Utah’s shifting seasons can be harsh on a property’s exterior. Prepare for diverse weather conditions by addressing cracks or broken screens in windows and doors. Well-maintained windows and doors are crucial for energy efficiency and protection against the elements.

  • Declutter 

Remove personal items and clutter that might distract the inspector or potential buyers. An uncluttered space enhances the inspection and buyer’s ability to envision it as their future home.

For buyers:

Preparing for a Home Inspection - Buyers

  • Accompany the inspector 

Be present during the inspection to address any concerns. Utah’s unique geography and climate might raise specific questions that an experienced local inspector can best answer.

  • Take notes and photos 

Record any issues or defects noticed during the inspection, as well as those pointed out by the inspector. This information is invaluable for negotiations and future reference.

  • Carefully review the inspection report 

The inspection report is key to understanding the property’s value and condition. This understanding significantly impacts your negotiation and decision-making process.

  • Negotiate repairs and improvements

Use the inspection report as a negotiation tool. If there are repairs or improvements you’d like the seller to address, initiate discussions. In a competitive real estate market, a well-prepared buyer can secure a favorable deal.

5 Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

Common Issues Home Inspection

Home inspections can reveal issues affecting property value and safety. Both buyers and sellers should understand these issues and know when to tackle them or seek professional assistance.

1. Water damage

Whether due to heavy mountain snowfall or sporadic desert rain, water damage can be a concern. DIY solutions may work for minor cracks, but significant problems may require professional residential restoration services like All Dry to prevent further damage.

2. Mold growth

Utah’s varying humidity levels can encourage mold growth, affecting property value and posing health risks. Simple remedies like improving ventilation or using mold-resistant paint can help. However, severe mold growth needs professional mold removal services.

3. Pest infestation

Utah isn’t exempt from pests, with critters ranging from rodents to insects. Regular pest control helps avoid these issues. But when the inspector discovers infestations, you should take swift action to protect the property’s value.

4. Fire hazards

Utah’s dry climate makes fire hazards a genuine concern. Faulty wiring, flammable materials, or outdated electrical systems can pose significant risks. Ensure your property complies with fire safety policies. For serious issues, professional electricians are the best solution.

5. Structural defects

Utah’s diverse landscapes can subject homes to shifting soils and foundation problems, particularly in mountainous regions. These structural defects impact safety and property value.

While DIY solutions could solve minor problems, restoration companies like All Dry are indispensable for complex issues. All Dry’s expertise in water damage restoration, mold removal, and other services ensures your property’s safety and preserves its value.

Seal the Deal

A home inspection offers invaluable insights beyond a mere property assessment, forming the cornerstone of informed decisions and successful transactions. It not only safeguards the home’s value but also ensures the well-being of its occupants.

A home inspection also allows you to be informed and coached on how many systems and machines operate in your home. Questions about venting, sprinklers, generators, and switches often get answered in a home inspection.

For trusted and experienced residential restoration services, turn to All Dry. We offer packages from leak detection to odor removal for repairs or improvements before or after a home inspection. We’re here to help your investment remain solid and secure. After all, making sure everyone in your home is breathing clean air and staying safe is a huge priority for most!

Ready to protect your Utah home? Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’re prepared to help your property thrive through every season and circumstance.