10 Warning Signs You Have Mold Toxicity1 min read

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10 Warning Signs You Have Mold Toxicity1 min read

Mold is all around us. Mold levels encountered in everyday life are typically enough to make us sick. However, prolonged exposure to mold can negatively affect your health. Symptoms of mold-related illness vary from person to person, in terms of severity. Nevertheless, symptoms displayed from mold-related illness should always be taken seriously, not only to treat the affected person, but also in terms of removing the source of the mold itself.

10 common symptoms of mold-related illness

1. Cognitive Impairment, such as brain fog 

2. Breathing Related Issues

3. Joint discomfort and pain

4. Skin rashes/irritation

5. Digestive Issues

6. Fatigue

7. Eye irritation

8. Unexplained anxiety and depression

9. Sinus related issues, including ear infections

10. Regular headaches and migraines

What to do?

Refer to a local physician that specializes in treating mold exposure. Treatments may vary depending on the period and severity of mold exposure, as well as any underlying preexisting conditions that exacerbated symptoms. Symptoms, no matter how small, should always be treated very seriously.

In addition, finding a professional mold remediation specialist to come to your home to test, treat, and remove the source of the mold will help in preventing future issues. Attempting to remediate the source of the mold without professional help may increase the risk of contracting mold related illness, as well as potentially increasing the likelihood of the mold spreading to other parts of the home. Professionals are trained and equipped to remove mold properly and safely.

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